Warren Buffett is the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway valued at 363B dollars and he follows a value investing strategy that is an adaptation of Benjamin Graham’s approach.

Warren Buffett said:

In Q1 2022, Buffett started 8 new positions and sold out 3 stocks, and that´s what I´ll be discussing in this article, so keep reading.

The biggest new position of last quarter was Occidental Petroleum Corp (OXY). This new holding is weighting 2.13% in Berkshire Hathaway´s portfolio and it´s now the eighth largest holding in the entire portfolio.

He also bought HP Inc valued at 3,7B, Citigroup 2.9B and Paramount 2.6B.

The other 4 smaller new holdings include: Celanese, McKesson, Markel Corp and Ally Financial.

On the other hand, Warren Buffett sold out his position in a bank (Wells Fargo) and two drug manufacturers (Bristol Myers Squibb and Abbvie).

He also reduced its stake in Verizon by 99,13% and in Royalty Pharma by 82.70%.

Berkshire Hathaway´s top 10 holdings include only one tech stock, which is Apple. However this is a huge position as it weighs 42,79% and it´s valued at 155B. In addition, last quarter Buffett increased its Apple stake by 0.43%.

A curious fact is that Michael Burry is shorting Warren Buffet´s biggest position. Scion Asset Management, the private investment fund led by Michael J. Burry has disclosed a short position on Apple valued at almost 36M dollars.

So, we will see who´s right!

Moving on…

Buffett´s second largest holding is Bank of America, weighting 11.45%.

So the two largest positions (AAPL + BAC) account for more than 50% of the portfolio.

Weighting more than 5% we have 3 more stocks: American Express, Chevron and Coca-Cola.

Doing the math, the TOP 5 holdings account for more than 75% of the portfolio.

In the top 10, we still have The Kraft Heinz Co, Moody’s, Occidental Petroleum (which as we have already seen it´s a new holding), U.S. Bancorp and Activision Blizzard Inc.

Activision is weighting 1.42% in the portfolio and Warren Buffett has been buying ATVI shares since Microsoft deal, and now owns 9.5% of company.