Do you think Cathie Wood is wrong? Do you want to bet against her in the stock market?
If so, continue reading to get all the details about this new ETF that is shorting ARKK (ARK Innovation ETF).

Collaborative Investment Series Trust – Tuttle Capital Short Innovation ETF (SARK), it´s the anti-ARKK ETF and it was launched in November, 9 – 2021.

SARK was launched with the goal of shorting Cathie Wood´s ARKK ETF and it uses swap contracts to attempt to achieve the inverse performance of ARKK on any single day.

And the timing of the lauching couldn´t be better. It started precisely when markets turned around and ARKK started to drop, which was in midst November.

Whoever invested in SARK by that time is now gaining more than 60%.

ARK Innovation ETF top 10 holdings account for just over 50% of the overall portfolio and include companies such as Tesla, Teladoc, Zoom, Roku, Coinbase, Exact Sciences, Unity, Spotify,
Intellia and Twilio – and Tuttle Capital Management thinks these
valuable companies are overshadowed by their valuations and the need for significant growth to justify those high valuations.

At high valuations companies need to keep up significant growth pace and Tuttle Capital Management believes that high growth isn´t there anymore.

On the other hand, ARKK has recently announced that it expects 40% annualized returns over the next 5-years and Cathie Wood is buying the dip.

So if you think Cathie Wood is wrong – investing in SARK ETF may be a good option because it enables you to bet against her without the normal unlimited downside risk that comes from shorting a traditional investment.

And one last curious fact is that both etf´s have the exact same expense ratio of 0.75%.