In this article I´m going to prove that Honeygain App is legit and I´ll explain how does it work, so keep reading.

Honeygain App is legit and pays! How does it work to make money online

Honeygain app accepts users from all over the world and it pays you to share your unused Internet. So, if you have a fast and unlimited Internet connection this is an excellent way to earn extra money passively.

To register and get a $5 sign-up gift CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the registration page. On that page, click the button to register and claim your $5. For registration purposes, you can provide your email and a password or use your Facebook or Google account.

You will immediately receive a welcome email from Honeygain and you will have to click on the “Verify Email” button to confirm your email and activate your account. Once you do that you will immediately receive 5,000 credits, which is equivalent to 5 dollars, and it will show on your balance.

Minimum amount to withdraw

You´ll have to collect $20 to request a payout and payments are made within 48 hours to your Paypal account. I already got paid once and I show Paypal payment proof in the video posted at the end of this article.

How does Honeygain app work

As I already mentioned, Honeygain pays you to share your unused Internet, so you have to install the app on your device.

In your Honeygain account panel, under “DOWNLOAD APP”, you will have to select the option that corresponds to your device: Windows, Android, macOS, IOS or Linux and the installation file will be downloaded automatically.

Then, you just have to click to open the installation file that was downloaded and follow the steps indicated to complete the installation. After the installation is complete, Honeygain app will be running in the background on your device and you will be earning money without having to do anything else.

In short, to earn with Honeygain you just need to keep your device connected to the Internet so that it serves as a gateway and generates traffic.

Ways to earn more money with Honeygain app

1 – Use more than 1 device

One way to increase your earnings is by installing the app on several different devices. For example, if you have a PC and a smartphone and you install the app on both you can double your earnings.

However, you can only have 1 device connected to the same network/IP address. So if you plan to use more than 1 device, make sure you use different internet connections / different networks.

2 – Open the Lucky Pot daily

Another way to get more credits is to open Lucky Pot daily.

Lucky Pot is a game that is a part of the Honeygain experience and allows users to win up to 10 000 credits (which are worth $10) every day and reach the minimum payout threshold of $20 faster. Only Active Users of Honeygain are eligible to participate in the Lucky Pot game and An Active User is any user who has generated 15 MB of Shared Traffic per day.

3 – Complete challenges

In the “Achievements” section you can see available Challenges that will allow you to earn extra credits.

I have already completed some of those challenges. For example, I have successfully completed the “Bronze Pot” challenge: I was qualified and I have opened the Lucky Pot for 7 days in a row and got 50 extra credits.

I also completed the 14 day Pot, 21 day Pot and 30 day Pot Streaks and I was able to claim the corresponding extra credits.

4 – Invite friends

In order to increase you gains even faster you can invite friends. To do that, you just need to share your invitation link and you’ll earn a generous 20% commission on the earnings of users you invite.

Furthermore, once your referral gather at least 2GB you get a reward of 500 Honeygain credits.

5 – Follow Honeygain on social media and participate in the contests

Honeygain also runs contests on its social media, so you can follow Honeygain on social media and participate in the contests for a chance to win extra credits.

Is Honeygain safe and reliable?

All connections established with your device use secure methods and do not store personal data. Therefore, using Honeygain is extremely safe.

It may take a little patience, but what makes this app attractive is that it offers a completely passive way to earn extra money because it runs on the background and you don’t have to do anything else.