Did you know that there are free apps to mine Bitcoin (BTC) using your smartphone? It’s true! And in this article I’m going to reveal an app that does precisely that and I’m also going to give you some tips to multiply your mining power and thus increase your earnings, so keep reading.

Ember Fund Review | Best app to mine Bitcoin (BTC) for free

The app is called Ember Fund and with this app you can earn free Satoshis by mining Bitcoin, entering tournaments, answering surveys and inviting friends.

The Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 100 million Satoshis, and the name is due to Satoshi Nakamoto, who is the creator of Bitcoin.

So, to start earning free Satoshis today, the first step you must take is CLICK HERE to download and install the Ember Fund app.

Then you have to open the app and click the button “START EARNING BITCOIN” to sign up and set up your 4-digit PIN code (as I show in the video available at the end of this article).

Once your account is active you can start mining Bitcoin immediately by clicking on the “START EARNING BITCOIN” button that appears in the home screen of the app. You´ll be forced to watch and ad and once it ends you´ll start earning satoshis immediately and you can confirm that by looking at the mining counter that starts running at that point.

How much will you earn and how can you boost your BTC mining power

At first you´ll start earning “1 Satoshi per hour”, but there ways to increase your ratio.

For example you can invite friends and for each new referral your mining power will increase by 3 Satoshis per hour. You can also invest in a portfolio for an extra 2 Satoshis per hour boost.

You should also know that you will have to restart mining daily as soon as the timer reaches ZERO – and to do that you just need to open the app and click on the “START EARNING BITCOIN” button again.

Ways to earn extra Satoshis for free

1 – Free tournaments

One way to earn extra Satoshis in entering tournaments.

To enter tournaments you just have to click on the “PLAY” tab and next in the “Tournament” tab you will see that there are some entry free tournaments. You just have to click the tournament you want to enter and follow the instructions but you´ll be forced to watch and ad to proceed (because that´s how Ember Fund app makes money to pay its users).

Once the ad ends, you can enter the tournament. In the majority of free tournaments you have to choose at least 3 coins you think are going to perform well and click SAVE button and you´re done.

Everyday new free tournaments are lauched and this is an easy way you can take a chance on to win free Satoshis.

2 – Invite friends

Inviting other users is another excellent way to boost your mining power and earn Satoshis faster.

To invite friends or others, you must click the INVITE FRIENDS button and then you can copy your invitation link to clipboard to share it on social media, for example, or you can share your invitation link directly by email, messaging, bluetooth, whatsapp, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven’t downloaded the Ember Fund app through my invitation link but you still want to boost your mining power, you can use my referral code by going to “Profile » Settings » Enter access code” and typing the following code: MNGVTYDI9RG

How to withdraw funds

To withdraw your mining gains designated as “Satoshi Rewards” to your Bitcoin wallet you must click in “Rewards History” (link is available in the home screen of the app) and once you accumulate at least 5 euro or 5 five dollars, the REDEEM BUTTON will show and you´ll be able to redeem your gains.

Then you can withdraw your BTC to an external BTC wallet entering your PIN code, choosing the amount to withdraw and entering the BTC wallet address, to which you want to send your BTC.

Summing it up, Ember Fund app is legit and it´s an excellent way to earn Bitcoin for free.