I have already received 3 payments from Clickworker and in the video posted at the end of this article I show payment proof of the last payment sent to my Paypal.

Because of that, I can confirm that Clickworker is reliable and legit and in this article I will explain how to register and how to earn money doing microtasks online, so keep reading.

Clickworker – How does it work to earn money doing microtasks online

Clickworker has more than 5 million Clickworkers based in 136 countries worldwide.

Clickworkers are people that work online, performing microtasks on Clickworker´s platform using their own desktop, tablet or smartphone (via Clickworker App).

Clickworkers participate in projects on a freelance basis and according to their own schedule and they are paid on a per assignment basis.

And what type of microtasks will you be doing as a Clickworker?

Well, you will be paid to do easy click jobs and also to participate in AI training, surveys, voice recordings, photo contests and more.

Once your work is finished and approved by the client, you can receive regular and secure payments with ease through Paypal and Payoneer, for example.

Clickworker minimum payout

Clickworker minimum payout is 10 EURO (or 10 DOLLARS depending on the currency of your Clickworker account).

How to register for Clickworker

To register as a Clickworker you just need to CLICK HERE and at the destination page you must choose the option “Register” »»» “For Clickworkers”. Then you have to fill the registration form and click “Continue” to proceed to the next steps and complete your registration.

Entering your Clickworker account using a desktop you´ll see first the available jobs for desktop and scrolling down “App Jobs” will be shown too.

“App Jobs” are available only on Android & iOS Clickworker App and to do those microtasks you have to download the app and access them using your mobile device.

To perform a microtask you must click it to see main details and then click “Start now” button to see task description and all the instructions. It´s very important that you follow all steps as indicated and after completing the job a Confirmation Code you´ll be shown to you and you must copy it and past it in the designated field in order to get paid.

Clickworker referral program

One way to increase your gains is by inviting friends and you can send invitations entering your friend´s emails directly on your Clickworker account or you can copy your referral link and share it.

For each new Clickworker you get to join, you’ll get a referral bonus to the sound of €5, as soon as that new Clickworker earns and gets paid out €10.

Clickworker´s UHRS platform

Another way to earn more money is to join Clickworker´s UHRS platform where there are many more microtasks available. To register to Clickworker´s UHRS platform you must follow all instructions carefully.

To qualify for some jobs you might have to complete some assessments, like for example, a Basic English Test and if you have any questions or need help you can join Clickworker´s forum.

Summing it up, Clickworker is a legit microtasking platform to earn extra money online.